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Christina started in the beauty industry over 10 years ago. As a Paul Mitchell trained stylist, she was able to start full steam into the beauty industry. First, she started with hair styling and after most of her clients begged her to add on makeup services, her business boomed! She has trained with top celebrity hairstylists, makeup artist and photographers, as well as working with the fashion industry's most in demand models. Her work can be seen from top brand clothing companies, runways, television and magazines.


As a licensed cosmetologist, Christina brings precision & technical training as well as a creative flare! By using the industry's top products and up-to-date trends, she knows how to achieve that amazing look, whether it be for a wedding, a new headshot or for an inspiring new look for your product line.


For all of my bridal clients, I love coming to you on-site, to help ease any time constraints with your busy and special day. No more hassles of crowded department store cosmetic counters or noisy salons. Feel at ease knowing that I come to you on-site on your special day!

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